Cornerstone Canine Testimonials

Serving Brockville and the surrounding area our premier dog boarding and doggie daycare facility was designed to cater to the physical and mental well being of our visitors. Read some of their stories here…

Buford’s Family

testimonial-bufordI contacted Art (Cornerstone Canine) about eight years ago on a recommendation from my vet.  I had just rescued my puppy Buford from the SPCA and wanted to enroll him in an obedience course.  While Buford did not learn as quickly as other dogs may have, Art was calm and very patient with him during the eight-week program.

During the sessions, I learned that Cornerstone also offered doggie daycare and I registered him right away.  Eight years later, he continues to go three days a week and waits patiently at the door “to go to school” on those mornings.  I am grateful that he has the opportunity to be out playing with other dogs in one of the large play areas versus staying at home alone all day.  “Teachers” Kerri, Sandy and Sue who have taken such excellent care of my dog over these past years, are kind, patient and enjoy Buford as much as he enjoys them.

I never doubt that he is being treated with kindness and respect; his wagging tail and excitement at the idea of going is all the proof I need.  Because the kennel is staffed during the day, they get to know and watch the dogs closely and will tell you if something is “not quite right” and/or if they notice anything different in their behaviour or health.  Art is very knowledgeable and has helped me greatly when I have approached him with questions from food choices, to health and behaviour concerns.

I have referred many friends and co-workers to Cornerstone Canine and truly appreciate the care and support that Art and Sheryl have given to me over the years, whether it being obedience training, doggie daycare, overnight stays, allowing me to adopt an older dog that was left there when her family could no longer keep her and/or the advice Art has provided to my endless questions.  I would not hesitate to recommend this kennel to anyone.


Simon’s Family

testimonial-simonAs a busy business owner and part-time nurse, Cornerstone Canine has allowed me to be able to go to work and carry on with my business, knowing that Simon is well looked after and happy with his friends at the kennel.

Simon has been going to Cornerstone Canine a few days a week for over a year now.   Suffering from separation anxiety, Simon can’t be left alone at home, but has never minded being left at Cornerstone Canine.  He is usually welcomed in the early mornings by Kerri and his canine friends.

Being a young lab, Simon has a lot of energy to burn off.  When I pick him up in the evenings, I know that he has been well exercised because he is so content and exhausted.

We have been very happy with the services provided by Cornerstone Canine.  It is a very welcoming atmosphere and there has been lots of flexibility with booking Simon in with some of my short notice of work shifts.

I commend Art and Sheryl Chillson for their dedication to their business and providing me with piece of mind when I go to work.


Gunner’s Family

testimonial-gunnerIf you are looking for a top-notch kennel to send your dog to, I would highly recommend Cornerstone Canine. My dog, Gunner and I have been attending Cornerstone Canine for 5 years.

Each time we arrive at the kennel we are welcomed with a smile and a friendly greeting. Dogs enjoy all the perks with large fenced outside dog pens to play outside, and during summer months luxurious air-conditioning in the inside runs. Dogs can stay for the day and be well looked after or enjoy an overnight vacation which we have taken advantage of several times. Gunner gets very excited every time we turn into the driveway to the kennel which makes me very happy to know he will be well taken care of and has an opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

I would highly recommend this business to anyone.


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